Eyes don’t lie

The project started in a conversation that we had in the computational cameras class about surveillance cameras. How people react when they know that they are recorded and when they are not. 

Zoom Out .Me

“Bring back the unpredictable side of discovery on the web”
This experimental site is being created with the purpose of exploring more about irrational behavior and the way people are making decisions.

Let’s get Physical

Let’s get Physical is an interactive experience to exercise, is a musical game, that is synchronized with the jogging that would make the user forget that they are making exercise.

Redesigning Pearson Benefits

This project was developed for Jack Morton Worldwide Agency. The client required a redesign of the Pearson Benefits Website. My role was UX designer and Visual Designer.
Here are some images that were part of the process of designing the site. The only rules we needed to follow were that the content of each page will be [...]

Huestreet – AngelHack

Hustreet is a fun and extremely simple street style fashion “micro” blogging app for all Bill Cunningham wannabes. Huestreet was produced during the AngelHacks hackathon Nov 2012. To use it just log in with Facebook, snap a picture on the street of something you love , hate, or want to share, and it is added [...]

Votescope – Code for Change Hackathon

VoteScope – “Change” prize, 2nd Place Winner at the NYU Wagner and NYC Digital Code for Change Hackathon, VoteScope NYC beta is an app we designed and built in two weeks.  It provided election insight during the Nov 6th 2012 election, including your voting districts, where to vote, your local and national candidates, their parties, [...]

UX and Visual Design

Some of my recent UX and Visual Design work made for Jack Morton agency, include: Facebook app, iPad app, and websites for clients like: msnbc, Walmart, IBM, Pearson and Kimberly Clark.
Each of these projects are part of a brand experience strategy. My role include: Web Strategy, UX and Visual Design.
Other UX projects with more detailed information. [...]


This is an exercise to create an app for Uniqlo. It was about understanding the business objective, target and new possibilities of how to expand the brand to the world.



I’ve always been fascinated by spirals, so for the class Nature of Code I decided to play with them and use them to explore a a different kind of interaction that could be used for my thesis project.
These are some images that were part of my exploration during this semester.

Geometrical Sculpture

Pop-up book made in aquarelle paper, using a grey palette. Each page was using different pop-up techniques learned in the class Making Pop-up books taught by Marianne Petit, spring 2012

The Pool

The Pool brings a calm space for meditation, introspection and relaxation to the lobby of the IAC building. Swimmers break the surface, explore the 120 foot wide pool and interact with each other. It is a journey for both themselves and the audience.
Music by: Merche Blasco
Sound design by: Phan Visultyothapibal
Special thanks to The Pool’s swimmers, [...]

Terms I agree

Online Privacy Policy Education Aplication, 2011, worked with Ju Yun Song for the class Inventing the Future of Media.
We have seen in the last couple of years, that the privacy settings and terms of use sections on websites have become increasing complex and convoluted, making it nearly impossible for the average user to fully understand [...]